Ethical Gifts

This page is a selection of ethical gifts you can buy direct from the organisations we work with. You can buy them all year round and for every occasion. It’s easy – just browse our unique catalogue of ethical products and services, knowing that your money is going to a good cause whilst treating you and your loved ones 🙂


Indigo’s ‘hUmanITY’ apparel range

Everpress have chosen Indigo to be part of the community campaign ‘Togetherness’, which aims to connect charities with each other. As part of this, Indigo Volunteers are proud to re-launch our fundraising apparel range – hUmanITY.

Teaming up with the talented designer Roz to create this ethically produced, organic range; signifying unity through humanity.

You can get your t-shirts for £20, of which all profits will be going to Indigo! This will help us to continue supporting charities working with displaced people across Europe with volunteers!

Stay tuned for new designs!


Ojalà Powerword

Sharing and caring – the base of a more sociable, sustainable world and something we are truly passionate about.

Being card-lovers at heart, Ainslinn and her sister felt like cards would make the perfect transmitter of that whole idea: multilingual and handwritten, using recycling paper to spread powerful messages across the globe. Self-made cards of which 100% of proceeds are donated to Indigo and hence find their way to people forced to leave their homes.

Cards that can be used as an ethical gift in itself or as a beautiful add-on to anything else. If you want to give this special gift, click on the link bellow or if you have any personal power word in mind, contact  are always happy to create additional positivity and thus spread even more solidarity.

Visit the website here!



No Good Deed

Retreat West Books is a small, environmentally and socially conscious independent press, publishing great novels, short stories and memoirs. On the theme of ‘Help’ Retreat West Books are raising funds for Indigo where all the proceeds of this book will be donated straight to the charity!

No Good Deed is a book full of  funny, heart wrenching, surreal and uplifting stories. From afternoon drinking opera singers and a son saving toads for his father, to a woman hiding a refugee boy in her garden shed and a homeless man being given a hand of friendship, help is shown in many different ways.

Featuring stories from Clare Harvey, Susmita Bhattacharya, Joanna Campbell, Amanda Huggins, Rosie Garland, Meg Pokrass and many more, this anthology will make you laugh, cry and want to go straight out and help someone in anyway you can.


Buy the book here!

Life Less Ordinary Bracelets

Life Less Ordinary was born from a passion for travel and a desire to do good. They create ethical, personalised and cruelty-free jewellery made from tagua seed. Tagua seed is known as vegetable ivory because it is tough and durable yet totally cruelty free. Being ethical is at the heart of everything they do and they partner with suppliers and companies who are fair trade, pay living wages and guarantee safe working environments.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade in Brighton, UK at Stanmer Craft Museum and they make a charity donation for every bracelet sold. 

For each item bought Life Less Ordinary donated 10% of their profits to us and the Black Mambas Anti Poaching Unit! By buying something from Life Less Ordinary you are not only treating yourself, but doing good too!

Visit Life Less Ordinary website!


Indigo does not take any money from the sale of the following gifts – all money spent on these items goes directly to that organisation to support communities across the globe. We are just here to spread visibility of these wonderful organisations/humans and hopefully inspire you, so that when you wish to buy a gift, you can also make a difference.

Choose Love Shop

Run by charity organisation, Help Refugees, this online shop has loads of great gifts to buy for those less fortunate. You can buy emergency blankets, clothes and warm socks for refugees spending this Christmas on the road. And what’s better, you can buy them on behalf of your loved ones. For those in London and New York, they’ll also have pop-up stores for Christmas 2019.

Visit Choose Love website 

Brotherly Art

Brothers Salam, Jason and Ismail Noh were forced to leave their home in Iraq and fled to Greece to seek safety. During the year spent in a Greek refugee camp, the brothers continued to use their artwork as a way to express and communicate the challenges that refugees and Yazidi people like themselves face. 


Since settling in France, the brothers now sell their incredible artwork and donate 20% of their profits to refugees and other displaced people. Their stunning pieces make for a very special gift or way to decorate your home with something meaningful.

Visit Brotherly Art website

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