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Volunteering with Indigo

Our volunteer process links you with small nonprofit organisations that need your support and expertise. There are a lot of issues out there that need attention and a lot of charities trying to help. Arranging responsible placement where you’re most needed can be daunting - that’s where we come in. 

Responsible Volunteering is centred around the needs, preferences and aspirations of recipient communities. We focus on sustainable solutions rooted in collaboration between volunteers, organisations and those whom they support. This process nurtures the safety and wellbeing of all parties and acknowledges their inherent human worth.

"Being a volunteer in Serbia was nothing like I expected, and I am more than blessed it turned out that way."
- Irma, Indigo Volunteer

The Indigo process

Indigo is here to support you every step of the way. 


We'll match you with the right organisation, prepare you for your volunteering experience (from packing lists, logistical advice and training) and provide you with  the support you need throughout your placement. Please feel free to contact us anytime during or after your volunteering experience.


The best part? Our hands-on service is 100% free.

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Our volunteering values

Volunteer Responsibly

Delivering effective humanitarian aid is not easy but prioritising the needs, preferences and aspirations of those we serve allows us to maximise our positive impact.

“With Indigo, I saw a focus on what benefits the people in need the most.”

- Mathias, Indigo Volunteer

Lead on your own learning

Prior to your placement, it’s important to read up on the refugee crisis and learn about the specific communities you may be volunteering in. Research prepares you for your experiences and makes it easier for you to support and prioritise those you are helping. Once you sign up, we will share a list of helpful resources to kickstart the learning process.

“I used all the resources that were on Indigo, in the end it was very useful.”

- Alice, Indigo Volunteer

Stay flexible

Considering the dynamic environment our partners often find themselves in, it's important to stay flexible. Your skills may be the perfect fit for an organisation or project you hadn't originally considered. Perhaps the project you join will need to account for some unforeseen circumstance. Whatever the case, an open mind is your greatest tool in making a meaningful contribution.

“If you have expectations, leave them behind you. See, observe, listen before you make up your mind in the first weeks.”

- Lara, Indigo Volunteer

4 Communicate effectively

Many of our partners have limited time and resources to run their projects. They feel just as excited about volunteering as you do but it's important to stay conscious of their time. Be proactive in asking questions and try to respond to their messages in a timely manner so that the process is efficient for both parties.

“By applying to Indigo, everything flowed smoothly and I felt supported.”

- Inês, Indigo Volunteer

Put your wellbeing first

Volunteering can be emotionally taxing. Make sure to regularly check in with yourself, talk to others about your experiences and make use of the resources we'll share with you along the way. If you feel that volunteering may have a negative impact on your mental health, please don't be afraid to communicate this and postpone your placement.

“I’d never really thought about having problems psychologically while volunteering. After the Indigo training, I felt more conscious of the impact on my mental welfare.”

- Mike, Indigo Volunteer

Is volunteering for you?

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Embarking on a volunteering experience with our partners can be an extremely fulfilling and valuable experience, but it will also likely be a challenge that will require commitment, openness and flexibility.

At the core of our work stand our grassroots partners who work hard to positively support displaced populations. Therefore, it is important to understand that they need the right type of support to accomplish their goals. Volunteering on the ground is not for everyone - and that is ok.

Do the short exercise below,

if you want to further explore whether your motivations to volunteer are aligned to Indigo's stance on Responsible Volunteering and find whether volunteering is right for you - it might help guide you.

"Why do I want to volunteer with a grassroots organisation that supports refugees and migrants?

Answer the question...

Get paper and a pen

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Let's volunteer!

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