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Indigo Mentors

The newest opportunity for businesses to work with charities to promote employee development & increase their social impact.

What it is

Indigo Mentors is an opportunity for company employees to utilise their volunteer days in a thoughtful way that will yield high impact and improve skills, well-being, and engagement.


Employees will provide mentorship support, training and consultations to charities in the humanitarian sector that need knowledge and guidance to further their mission.

Employees participating in Indigo Mentors can choose to support a charity through:



Short-term, direct project 

Long-term mentorship

Short-term mentorship

in a broad spectrum of topics like:

Indigo Mentors Booklet .png

and more...

Benefits for Businesses

Indigo Mentors is a unique opportunity for your employees to develop technical skills and further their personal and career growth. Indigo's expert knowledge of our charity partners and years of experience in recruitment ensures your employees will be matched to aid real life projects on their field of work, within charities that will truly benefit from their expertise.

Benefits for Charities

Whether it's scaling up operations, overcoming challenges, or implementing crucial initiatives, Indigo Mentors allows employees to provide charities with targeted support at every stage of their operations and development.

Studies have proven that when pitted against workplace wellness solutions - including mindfulness seminars, resilience workshops, relaxation classes coaching sessions and apps - one intervention triumphed:

Ready to take a step in the right direction?

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