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Take action towards compassion

With another winter here - the toughest period for both refugees and our partners - we are looking to collaborate with companies now to keep getting help where it is needed most.

CSR & ESG Opportunities for you

A business meeting

Join our pioneering programme to develop your employees skills and further their professional development.


You can donate directly to Indigo Volunteers to increase your social impact. We create £23 of meaningful impact for each £1 donated.


Match fund Indigo's fundraising campaigns or your employees events for a time period of your choice.


Fundraising events

Organise & run a local fundraiser for Indigo - get started here.

Studies have proven that good CSR/ESG programs will

Enhance your brand reputation

Increase your market value

Attract new hires

Reduce staff turnover rates by 50%

Ready to take a step in the right direction?

Fill in our registration of interest form or contact us today for more information.

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