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Take action towards compassion

With another winter approaching - the toughest period for both refugees and our partners - we are looking to collaborate with companies now to keep our vital work alive.

CSR & ESG Opportunities Company wide


You can donate directly to Indigo Volunteers to increase your social impact. We create £23 of meaningful impact for each £1 donated.


Match fund Indigo's fundraising campaign or your employees events for a time period of your choice.


Our founder, a qualified consultant, can deliver talks on the refugee crisis, humanitarian careers & self-managed organisations.

CSR & ESG Opportunities Volunteering


Project-based volunteering

Take part in remote, skills-based volunteering with Indigo or one of our partners


Fundraising events

Organise & run a local fundraiser for Indigo - see some ideas here.


Training & Consultation

Offer remote training or a consultation to Indigo or one of our partners based on your expertise.


Volunteer for at least one week with one of our partners in Europe.

Studies have proven that good CSR/ESG programs will

Enhance your brand reputation

Increase your market value

Attract new hires

Reduce staff turnover rates by 50%

Ready to take a step in the right direction?

Contact us today at for more information.

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