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Camilla Thurlow Joins Indigo Volunteers

Love Island star and humanitarian worker Camilla Thurlow has today become a board member of Indigo Volunteers.

It’s been almost two years since Camilla Thurlow won the hearts of the nation in the third series of Love Island. During her time on the show, Camilla made a huge impact on her co-stars and viewers alike with her philanthropic nature, commitment to charities and stories of her humanitarian work. She has continued with her conscious and charitable work ever since, and in her recent documentary What Camilla Did Next, Camilla returns to her humanitarian efforts working with a bomb disposal team in Cambodia.

But Camilla isn’t stopping there and has now formally joined the board of trustees at Indigo Volunteers with a vision that her involvement with the charity will help Indigo connect with even more volunteers and projects all over the world.

“Since leaving Love Island, I have been overwhelmed by the number of enquiries I have had from people looking for a way to make a tangible, positive difference,” says Camilla.

“I was fortunate enough to have that opportunity in Greece through Indigo Volunteers, and I am thrilled to now be able to make an even bigger difference by sitting on their board.

“Giving up your time to help others is one of the best ways you can make a lasting difference in the world. I am so grateful to not only have come across Indigo – an organisation that is as dedicated to giving back as I am; but to also have the opportunity to step it up, become a board member and help drive this wonderful organisation.”

Indigo Volunteers is one of the world’s first fee-free volunteering organisations, and connects people with charities and causes across the globe completely free of charge.

Indigo CEO Holly Penalver says she is thrilled to have Camilla join their team.

“When my team saw Camilla on Love Island, they were so impressed with her incredible work ethic and dedication to helping others,” Penalver says.

“That’s really what Indigo is all about. We don’t charge any fees to connect volunteers with projects – we aren’t out there to make money from volunteers, we’re out there to make a difference.

“Camilla encapsulates what we are, the work we are doing and the goals we are trying to achieve. She is the perfect fit for our organisation and we were so thrilled when she reached out to us to volunteer.”

Want to become an Indigo Volunteer? Apply now.


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