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Volunteer testimony

We were so happy to receive this message from one of the volunteers we placed last month, reminding us how responsible volunteering starts with self-education.

'I've been looking through the links and articles (Indigo) forwarded to help with self-education. It's such an important stage in the volunteering process, and I'm very conscious of countering white-saviour tendencies, so it's really helpful to have specific things to bear in mind. I'm so grateful to Indigo for helping me get my placement, so thank you.'

By sharing resources and learning opportunities with past, present or prospective volunteers we hope that together we can raise awareness about the ongoing crisis, amplify refugee voices and changing the narrative of volunteering as tourism.

If you want to self educate too, check out the 'Educate yourself' page on our website. Here you will find articles, podcasts, reports, and organisations that you can dive into to get started.

Together, we can learn and grow!



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