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Meet our new CEO

Marina Kokkinou, Indigo's new CEO

After six months of meticulous planning, we are excited to announce that we are strengthening our Indigo Volunteers’ leadership team.

In 2012, Holly founded Indigo Volunteers with a vision of bridging non-profits and individuals eager to contribute their resources to social causes. Since then, she has guided the charity through various transformative phases, forging an invaluable service, an expansive network, and a wealth of expertise.

Holly Penalver, Indigo's founder & advisor

Now, after over a decade of management, Holly will continue to support Indigo as our Founder & Advisor while seamlessly handing over the role of CEO to our current Head of Programmes and Partnerships, Marina.

Joining the Indigo family in 2021, Marina became a driving force behind its day-to-day operations and overarching goals. Based in Greece, where most of our charity partners are, she will therefore bring vital local experience to the role. Leveraging her knowledge of the sector and exceptional organisational skills, she has spent the last six months preparing to guide Indigo through its next chapter as Interim CEO.

While we anticipate challenges ahead (see here to support our fundraising efforts), we are optimistic about Indigo’s future and incredibly excited for this new opportunity to strengthen Indigo’s leadership with a fresh perspective while retaining the knowledge we have gathered over the years.

A heartfelt Thank You to Holly for her continued dedication, compassion, and creativity, and a warm and enthusiastic welcome to Marina as she steps into her role as Indigo’s Interim CEO.

Your continued support is paramount to our success, and we invite you to join us in shaping the next remarkable chapter of Indigo's legacy.



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