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Small Charity, Big Heart - A podcast on a self-managed charity

Listen to our incredible founder and advisor, Holly Penalver, in the latest episode of Make It Thrive: The Company Culture Podcast.

Indigo is a self-managed charity, and in this session, Holly shares how her common sense and trust approach led us to work in this progressive way.

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A quote from the podcast by Holly Penalver

Our founder and advisor, Holly Penalver, has been a dedicated humanitarian for over 10 years, while also being a mother for the last two. She has been invited to multiple podcasts, interviews, and talks where she spoke about the work of Indigo Volunteers, our unique approach to responsible volunteering, and the ongoing refugee crisis. Most recently, she was also featured in Jaz O’Hara’s latest book, “Asylum Speakers”; a collection of 31 stories of migration, from those leaving everything they know behind them, to those working alongside them. In 2023, Holly also became a SEMCO certified consultant after having years of experience innovatively leading Indigo.

If you'd like to invite Holly to a podcast, interview, or panel discussion, please reach out to



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