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Remote, part-time volunteering with an impact

September is here! It is a time that, for many, marks a new start to the year.

We're here to share a meaningful opportunity, one that will help you make a positive impact without leaving the house!

If you're reading this, we know that you care about humanity and human rights, and you know about the lack of dignity and care that refugees are faced with all around the world. It's not always possible to drop everything and go volunteer on the ground, though.

volunteers waiting for instructions to support refugees

Taking positive action can take many forms! Have you considered remote volunteering?

At Indigo, we are now looking for passionate volunteers to join our wonderful remote team and help us strengthen our marketing and fundraising activities. All our roles are part-time and with flexible work schedules.

Are you intrigued?

We are currently looking for part-time volunteers in the following roles:

You will assist with grant writing and research efforts to secure the necessary funding for Indigo’s operations.

We’re looking for someone passionate about our cause and curious to learn about content creation. If you're also into social media, this is perfect for you!

This role is essential for leveraging Google Ads, implementing SEO strategies, and enhancing user experience to drive reach, engagement, and fundraising efforts for Indigo Volunteers.​​

This multifaceted role involves two key components: conducting research to enhance our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program and managing Indigo's email marketing and website content.

Collaborate with event organisers, craft compelling content, and develop comprehensive promotion plans for fundraising events, campaigns, and CSR opportunities within our network.

Members of the Indigo team

To apply, please fill in this application form.

Deadline: September 17th, 2023 11:59pm CET.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis

Start date: Latest October 1st.

For any questions, pop us an email at



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