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Volunteer Story: Alexandra Melinchok in Sindos, Greece

Two summers ago, I knew I wanted to volunteer in Thessaloniki, Greece, but I had no idea where to begin. My mother is from Thessaloniki and I am lucky enough to be able to go back during the summer to visit family. I wanted to do something meaningful over my summer break working with refugees, but I was unsure if I was qualified or would be able to make an impact. 

Through various google searches I stumbled across Indigo, and they connected me with Be A Robin in Sindos, right outside of Thessaloniki. Indigo helped to make the volunteering process more approachable and accessible by matching me with Be A Robin. Without Indigo, it is unlikely I would have been able to find this organisation.

My time volunteering with Be A Robin allowed me to see          Thessaloniki, a city I had been visiting for years, in a new and beautiful light. I met so many amazing people, and made great friends with the refugees, staff, and other volunteers at the community centre. I helped in the English and Greek classes, played with and supervised the children, and did whatever else was needed in the centre. The sense of family and community at the centre is something I will never forget. Some of my favourite moments were just sitting and enjoying a coffee and talking with others, exchanging stories about our cultures and lives. 

My experience volunteering two summers ago, the friends I made, and how welcomed I felt, made me eager to continue volunteering at the community centre. This past summer I was able to return to the community centre, to see old friends and make new ones. After volunteering twice with Indigo, I now serve as an Indigo Ambassador on my University campus to help spread Indigo’s reach and mission in the United States. 

I cannot thank Indigo enough! Not only has Indigo helped me to find a nonprofit in Greece to volunteer with, but the passion from the individuals I have met through Indigo has pushed me to think about ways I can continue

 to give back in my daily life. I would definitely recommend anyone looking to volunteer in Greece to check out Indigo and Be A Robin!


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