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Volunteer Story: Hannah in Serres, Greece

What’s your name and where are you from?

Hannah Kehoe from London UK

Where did you volunteer?

In Greece with Lifting Hands International.

What kind of work were you doing while you were there?

Volunteering at their Refugee Centre near to the Serres Refugee Camp. I was on the Summer Camp Team, offering activities including fitness, yoga, art, craft, drawing and colouring, football and basketball.

What people did you meet?

Hannah in Greece

I met a host of wonderful individuals – both beneficiaries, other volunteers including the founder of Lifting Hands International.

What were your top three highlights, and why?

1. The people I met – both beneficiaries and volunteers.

2. I fell over during a game of ‘quack quack woof’ (what we in the UK call ‘duck, duck, goose!’) and was covered in dust and grass stains – a young beneficiary (a boy of just 10-11 years old) who was sat next to me wiped the dust off my clothes with me without being asked, he didn’t stop until all the dust was off – this touched my heart.

3. Another highlight was on my final night another volunteer who I had known for about 10 days gave me a bracelet she had made for me using materials from her recent trip to India. Also a makeshift leaving card they made for me on my final night is something I will treasure for my whole life!

What new skills did you learn during your time?

Learning to be empathetic and keep calm and measured (and not react emotionally) when children are fighting or being disruptive – including when they are being aggressive to you directly. Also took part in lots of yoga which I had not really done before – I have come home with stiff muscles as I used lots of muscles I haven’t used before!!

What’s the number one thing you’ve taken away from your experience?

The importance and value of human kindness.

What was Indigo’s role in your volunteer journey?

Connecting my with projects – for free! Amazing.

Would you recommend becoming an Indigo volunteer to your friends?

Absolutely. Seamless process and all for free. Lots of helpful info on your social channels too.

Hannah has helped to organise a Yoga + Mimosas event at Hackney based social enterprise Supply Yoga on Saturday 7th December. Buy tickets here!


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