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Volunteer Story: Jason on Lesvos, Greece

I’m so glad I came across Indigo Volunteers, who were instrumental in facilitating my volunteering stint with Lighthouse Relief earlier in the year. It’s an experience that will stay with me forever and that has sparked a desire to do more in the future.

Without Indigo I would have been scouring the internet for ages researching NGOs. There is no way I would have been exposed to the variety of projects presented on Indigo’s site. I might not have even come across Lighthouse Relief as I was previously unaware of their work.

The whole process of applying and being connected to Lighthouse Relief was so streamlined and efficient. Without Indigo I would have had to contact each NGO I was interested in directly to enquire more about their operations and my suitability. This would have quite likely taken a protracted amount of time due to being busy with operations on the ground, and taking up their valuable time and resources.

The professionalism, thoroughness, transparency and support exhibited by Indigo also boosted my confidence in expecting similar high standards from the NGOs they represent. I totally recommend Indigo to anybody interested in volunteering with a humanitarian project.


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