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Volunteering during Covid-19

As the world is slowly learning to live with Covid-19, so too have our partners adapted their operations to continue their work in a safe and responsible manner. Fighting this pandemic continues to be a collaborative effort, so here are a few things to keep in mind when volunteering.

Before you apply

  • Based on the location you’re currently in, check the restrictions applicable to you and plan your application accordingly.

  • When filling out our application form, only indicate countries you are allowed and able to travel to.

Once you’ve been connected to a partner

  • On top of national guidelines, different organisations may have different approaches to handling Covid-19.

  • The organisation you’re connected to will tell you about their vaccination, testing, and quarantine requirements. Check whether you are able to meet all of them.

  • Keep in mind that quarantining may affect your travel plans, the start and end date of your placement, and your availability to volunteer.

  • Consider your return trip, whether it requires additional quarantine or testing, and whether this will affect the dates of your placement or your availability to volunteer.

Once you’ve confirmed a placement

  • Continue to monitor the restrictions currently applicable to you, and whether they will affect your volunteering plans. Borders may open and close, and countries may change their entry requirements.

  • Check your current insurance coverage in light of potential travel warnings to the country you will be volunteering in, the impact of catching Covid-19 abroad, how it might be affected if restrictions change while you’re away, and how it deals with medical repatriation.

  • Check your itinerary before you leave. Some services may adjust their schedules due to changing restrictions or seat capacity.

  • Keep us and our partners in the loop if things change.

At all times

  • Follow best practices: Cover your mouth and nose with appropriate masks, frequently wash your hands, and practice social distancing.

  • Note that best practices may vary from country to country, e.g. the country you volunteer in could require you to wear a specific type of mask.

  • If you develop symptoms typically associated with Covid-19, or if you have been in touch with a confirmed case of Covid-19, get tested, self-isolate, and inform the people you have been in touch with.

General Guidance

For general guidance on Covid-19 visit the WHO website. For guidance on the specific country you might be volunteering in, please check the links below.

- Photo by our partner Project Armonia -



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