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Why do diverse perspectives make a stronger board?

We are excited to be rebuilding our Board of Trustees! Indigo strongly believes in the power of people working together and that a Board of Trustees with diverse experiences and perspectives will help us, as an organisation, have a greater and more positive social impact.

The Board of Trustees is a team of individuals who work collectively to guide and govern the charity and so is a fundamental part of the organisation. Trustees are involved in robust discussions about exciting ideas, but also challenging issues that require deep insight, experience, and creativity.

So when we talk about Trustees ‘having diverse perspectives’ what do we mean? A diverse perspective - from different genders, ages, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientation, life experiences, and skillsets - means understanding and navigating ideas and situations from unique angles. This variety of life and work experiences helps anticipate change, assess risks and discover new opportunities.

Diversity reflects the real world and so approaching things holistically improves decision making and creates stronger boards.

Indigo recognises that there is a lack of diversity on charity boards. The UK Charity commission highlighted the findings from a 2017 study that charity boards ‘are not reflective of the communities they serve’, that the majority (92%) of Trustees are white, older, and of above average income, and that men outnumber women two to one. We would like to work alongside a balanced board where all voices belong and are heard.

We welcome trustee applications from a wide variety of backgrounds who are motivated by these values, can inspire change, and believe in Indigo’s vision for the future.

If you are interested in applying to be a board member, please find more information here regarding the specific roles we are looking to fill. If you have further questions we welcome you to join our chair Marissa (read her interview here) and CEO Holly at our drop-in session on Tuesday 16th February at 18:00 (GMT) - email to register your interest.



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