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Refugee Support Europe

Refugee Support Europe

We want to see a world where all refugees can lead a life with dignity. 


We help refugees rebuild their lives by providing short-term, essential aid with dignity. We like to think of what we do as building communities of support.


Dignity defines everything we do. It’s about respecting people as individuals, giving them choices and offering a bit of normality. It also makes volunteering much more rewarding and creative. For example, we set up ‘free shops’ where refugees can choose what they want. We designed a “money” system where all of the food and hygiene items are individually “priced” with points and each family is allocated an amount of points to spend.


Refugee Support Europe started operating in one of the Greek Government’s official Refugee Camps in Alexandreia in April 2016. We worked there and on seven other refugee camps in Greece for over 3 years. We have also supported a large unofficial camps of Rohingya in Bangladesh and Central Americans in Mexico. We created and run a Dignity Centre in Nicosia city centre in Cyprus since 2019 and opened another in Chisinau Moldova in 2022 .


How do we build communities of support?


Volunteers, professionally managed, are at the very heart of what we do so we design services that enable anyone who cares the opportunity to make a difference to refugee lives the moment they decide to help. We now have a global community of 1500+ helpers who know that they get back just as much as they put in. We celebrate their contribution.


We work closely with the UN Refugee Agency, official bodies and other NGOs so that we can build on what each are doing and avoid duplication.


We buy all we can from local businesses to build links with the local community so they are also part of our supportive network.


Want to get a glimse of the project? Check out this video for the project in Moldova & this video for the project in Cyprus.

  • Where is it?

    Nicosia, Cyprus and Chisinau, Moldova

  • What will I be doing?

    Each Dignity Centre has two services at its heart.

    • The Dignity Market is run in the style of a shop allowing people to choose what they want from a budget they’re given. You will need to be very customer friendly and happy to deliver a personal service.

    • It’s also a drop-in centre which people can call their own. You will be welcoming them and giving them access to other critical services.

  • What impact would I have?

    You can be instrumental in helping refugees rebuild their lives by treating them with dignity.

    You’ll be helping from the day you arrive and every day after that will be transformative and life changing.

  • Who will I be working with?

    We accept everyone from all walks of life. Our community of 1,500+ volunteers come from over 40 countries. The only skill you need is a smile.

    We are supporting people who are on their journeys and going through particular hardship. They are all seeking asylum.

  • Minimum age

    18 in Moldova

    21 in Cyprus

  • Accommodation

    Cyprus: In Nicoisa we have a 2 bedroom apartment sleeping 5 people costing 12 euros a night.

    Moldova: In Chisinau we have a 5 bedroom house that can sleep 8 people costing 10 euros a night.

  • Extra Costs

    Travel to locations, food and any Covid tests.

  • Skills required

    Just a willingness to work as part of a team and a ready smile

  • Interested in volunteering?

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