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Samos Volunteers

Samos Volunteers

Samos Volunteers provides psycho-social support, informal education, hygiene, as well as distribution of clothes and shoes in order to instil a sense of normality in the life of people living in the camp. We are determined to remain on Samos until displaced people no longer need our support. 

  • Where is it?

    Vathy, Samos (Greece) 

  • What will I be doing?

    Samos Volunteers runs two community centres (Alpha Centre and Alpha Land) open to adults, a laundry, as well as a free shop. Both Alpha Centre and Alpha Land are communal spaces where refugees can enjoy a warm cup of tea whilst playing board games with their friends, take language classes, or join a recreational activity. Volunteers support by helping the running of our community centres and our laundry station. Daily tasks include, but are not limited to, teaching language classes, engaging with the community through recreational activities (art, music, sewing, fitness, and yoga), reception shifts at Alpha Centre, working in our women’s space, working in our laundry station and in our free shop, and supporting our Employability Team. 

  • What impact would I have?

    Supporting people living in the Zervou Camp (Samos) by providing informal education and psychosocial and hygiene services, distributing clothes and shoes, combating boredom, and instiling a sense of normality in the life of people living in the camp. The asylum process often forces individuals and families to settle in Samos for months or even years, with limited access to sanitation services, education, or a safe space to be creative.


    At Alpha Centre and at Alpha Land, people of all levels study with us, starting from those just learning their ABCs to advanced students. We also offer women-only classes and activities. Practical skills are also catered to in our sewing and computer classes. Also, our volunteers working at the laundry station wash laundry bags, allowing camp residents to have clean and dry clothes. Finally, at the warehouse, our field workers sort items before they are distributed outside the camp and in our free shop, they facilitate residents of Zervou Camp to find what they need in a dignified manner. 

  • Who will I be working with?

    You would be working alongside a group of volunteers from the camp community as well as with external volunteers coming from all over the globe to work in Samos.

  • Minimum age


  • Accommodation

    Samos Volunteers rents two shared volunteer houses based in town. The rent is 150€/month all inclusive for the first three months, volunteers live rent-free from the fourth month onwards. Places in volunteer accommodation are subject to availability. Alternative accommodation in town can be recommended. 

  • Extra Costs

    You are expected to cover all of your own living expenses (food, transport, and housing).

  • Skills required

    • English Teacher
    • German Teacher
    • French Teacher 
    • Greek Teacher 
    • Computer Teacher
    • Organisational Skills
    • Logistic Experience
    • Warehouse Support 
    • Fundraising Experience 
    • Social Media and Communication Experience 
    • Admin and Information Support 
    • Experience/background in health, public health, or wellbeing 
    • Job Searching Support (CV making and job applications)
    • Tech savvy
    • Activity Lead
    • Arts, Sports, and  Music & Textiles
    • Car Driver
    • Community Services
    • Construction Maintenance and Renovation
    • Solid understanding of the community-based approach within the humanitarian sector
  • Interested in volunteering?

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