Samos Volunteers

Samos Volunteers

Samos Volunteers (SV) is one of a handful of NGOs present on the island offering informal educational activities and psychosocial support. Their aim is to combat boredom, reduce isolation, and instil a sense of normality to the lives of those living in the camp.

Down the road from the camp, the Alpha Centre and Alpha Hub are the home of the project’s language classes and recreational activities for adults. The centres are a safe, dry, clean place for people to get away from the awful living conditions up on the hill. Around the corner from the Alpha Centre, SV’s laundry station is the only place people in the camp can get their clothes cleaned and dried.


Samos Volunteers’ community centres have had to close at times during the coronavirus pandemic to protect its visitors and volunteers. The laundry service, however, remains open throughout as it is classified as an essential service.

  • Where is it?

    Samos, Greece

  • What will I be doing?

    Supporting refugees based in Samos by helping with the running of the community/learning centre (Alpha), laundry station and women’s’ activities. Daily tasks include teaching classes (language and recreational), reception shifts at Alpha Centre, working in our women’s space and working in the laundry station.

  • What impact would I have?

    Supporting refugees by providing psychosocial and hygiene services. With around 3,000 refugees living in the camp on Samos with limited access to education and things to do with their time, Alpha aims to create a safe space for all while also providing education. The laundry service is the only one on the island and is vital to improving sanitation in the camp. All activities are run solely by volunteers and aim to improve the lives of those stuck on Samos.

  • Who will I be working with?

    You would be working alongside a group of people who came to Samos to volunteer as well as volunteers from the refugee community. You would be working with men and women from the refugee community on a daily basis.


  • Minimum age

    20 years

  • Accommodation

    There are two shared volunteer houses based in the town. This costs 150 Euros a month for the first three months and then it is rent free. Placement in the volunteer accommodation is subject to availability. If you would prefer to live independently or there is no space available then alternative accommodation in town can be recommended.

  • Minimum time

    6 weeks

  • Extra Costs

    You are expected to cover all of your own living expenses (food, transport and housing) and transport to the island.

  • Skills required


    • Foreign Language Teacher
    • Primary School Teacher
    • Secondary School teacher
    • TEFL / English Teacher
    • Teacher Assistant
    • Arts, Music & Textlies
    • Activity Lead
    • Sport Coach
    • No specific skill