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Sporos Regeneration Institute runs a permaculture and regenerative agriculture educational farm in the Deepee area of Lesvos.


They provide free, high quality courses on permaculture and similar topics to asylum seekers and locals, both children and adults. Through this work, we facilitate environmental improvement, economic development, and most importantly, social acceptance and integration on the frontlines of a crisis that has caused deep division and tension in the community. Both refugees and locals alike suffer from the current situation, and relations have deteriorated. This project helps to heal these relationships, while also healing the surrounding environment.


Sporos’ main projects include:


  • EcoHub, a therapeutic community garden located at One Happy Family Community Center where visitors come to learn about nature and unwind the effects of trauma
  • Vocational education courses and internships on permaculture, natural building, local agricultural traditions, etc. 
  • Forest school for children
  • School gardens at local schools


Want to get a glimse of the project? Check out this video.

  • Where is it?

    Lesvos island, Greece

  • What will I be doing?

    The work will vary by season and the volunteer’s skill set and could include any or all of the following:

    • Participate in educational activities (by teaching or assisting, and always learning!)

    • Working with the garden team and daily visitors at EcoHub

    • Maintain the farm and its trees, plants and animals as well as our other garden and orchards on the island

    • Participate in building and agricultural projects

    • Work towards the improvement of lives

  • What impact would I have?

    Together, you will support a divided community through the integration of refugees with the local population, build a model permaculture farm, regenerate the earth, provide opportunities for people to heal their trauma through nature, and improve each other by sharing knowledge and wisdom.

  • Who will I be working with?

    You will be working with asylum seekers and locals of all ages alongside the Sporos team, which consists of professionals from Greece and abroad, as well as fellow volunteers from around the world.

  • Minimum age


  • Accommodation

    There is the possibility to stay at the farmhouse of Sporos, provided that there is availability. Accommodation and basic food is provided in exchange for a 10 euro per day contribution to the rent and the bills expenses.

    The farm consists of ten stremma with olive, fruit and nut trees, a big vegetable garden, compost making facilities, compost toilets, wood and metal working stations, an outdoor kitchen, a geodesic dome greenhouse and a larger geodesic dome classroom.

    Living accommodation is in the main farm building, a two-storey house with 100m² surface on each floor. There is a big living room and kitchen, tool room, WC, and four bedrooms (which may or may not be shared). The building is used as a teaching area, a library and office station, and lodging for teachers, volunteers and interns.

  • Extra Costs

    The farm is 13 km away from town. To get there for personal reasons, volunteers would need to go by bus (costs 3 euro) or taxi (15 euro).

  • Skills required

    • Admin Support
    • Agriculture/Horticulture/Permaculture
    • Animal Conservation
    • Architecture/Structural Design
    • Arts, Music & Textiles
    • Culinary
    • Construction/Carpentry/Renovation
    • Fundraising
    • Ecotherapy/PSS support
    • Workshop facilitation/instruction​
  • Interested in volunteering?

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