Before you complete an online application form, please read the volunteering information below.

Currently, the requirements to volunteer are

  • 18 years old+

  • Available to start within the next 8 weeks.

  • Available to volunteer for 4 weeks or more, or live locally and can work part-time.

  • Able to independently secure any visas that may be needed (Indigo Volunteers nor our partners are able to help you obtain your visa, e.g. by sending invitation letters).

  • Check the FCDO website for further advice. 

  • Please be aware that each of our partners has different quarantine protocols. In addition to any volunteer placement, you may be expected to carry out a quarantine period. Once connected to an organisation, you will be able to ask them any questions about this directly.

  • Whilst our partners and ourselves are doing everything to ensure our work continues safely, do consider whether you feel comfortable with the practices suggested by others and always follow governmental guidelines and local practices. Fighting this pandemic is a collaborative effort - let's all do our part.  See the WHO website for more information on COVID-19

  • Read our blog on travelling and volunteering during COVID-19 below!

Volunteer Roles

Volunteer positions currently needed:

* You MUST be able to commit to volunteering for this time period PLUS whatever quarantine measures are required by partners at your time of travel. We can give no guarantee of what quarantine measures will be required at the time of application.

* We are including the country in our requests due the current COVID situation - we do not facilitate ‘preferred’ country placements unless for a valid reason e.g. VISA restrictions.

My skills are needed... what's next?

Have you read the requirements and what skills are currently needed? We would love to hear from you! Before you apply, please understand the following: 


1. That Indigo will start processing your application form. 


What does ‘processing your application’ mean?


  • We review your skills and experience.

  • Using our extensive knowledge of the situation on the ground, we match you with an organisation.

  • We liase with organisations and answer any questions on your application.

  • If successful, we connect you with the organisation to discuss further details.

  • We are in correspondence with you to make the final arrangements.


2. That the Indigo coordination team are humans behind laptops, and take care over every email and connection. 


For all volunteers who do not reply to emails it costs us resources. Therefore please respect our time and think about the application seriously before submitting.


3. That Indigo will be asking for a voluntary donation. As a small team we would be thankful if you would be able to contribute to our work :)


To place ONE volunteer in the field it costs Indigo £100

To support ONE partner for one month it costs Indigo £200


Thank you for your understanding!

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