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About indiGO Volunteers


indiGO Volunteers work with courageous humanitarian projects that serve people in impoverished communities and refugee camps. We help them get the brilliant volunteers they need to achieve their bold ambitions. We do not charge a penny to anyone for doing this – we’re the world’s first global totally fee-free volunteering organisation 🙂

We attract people who care for the world so much, that when they see something that’s not right, not fair, and where people suffer, it lights a fire in their belly. They can’t help but try to change it. It could be inequality, oppression, hunger – anything. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is taking a stand and being the change they want to see in the world. They are the courageous, the outliers, the explorers, the kind hearted and the wild ones.


Creating a cultural shift in volunteering


To make a difference to the lives of others in need by acting as an intermediary source which provides fee-free support for both volunteers and humanitarian projects. This in turn helps projects to flourish and deliver real impact to the communities they serve


  • Inspire and help more people to volunteer around the world
  • Support projects with their volunteer needs
  • Make volunteering more accessible by providing easy-to-access information and removing barriers such as big fees
  • Match the right volunteers to the right volunteering opportunities so that projects can meet and exceed their goals
  • Provide complete support for those on their volunteering journey


To revolutionise the voluntary sector so that all volunteering opportunities are easy to access, ethical, effective and efficient


  • Purpose, equality & courage
  • Live with purpose
  • Strive for equality
  • Be courageous

Our Values

Sustainable, responsible, project focused

We have four values and they represent what we stand for and how we work. We expect everyone who works for or with indiGO Volunteers to be accountable to these values, embrace them with energy and use them as the foundation to a brilliant way of working together. They will ensure we achieve our goals in a responsible and sustainable way.

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Meet Team indiGO!

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Team indiGO are the backbone of the charity and are a strong team of dedicated people without whom indiGO Volunteers would not be able to run. They are made up of the 2 Co-Founders, 4 highly skilled trustees, Public Relation gurus, numerous ambassadors, members and lots of other volunteers! Meet some of the team below…

Get Inspired to Volunteer!

The Volunteer: A Guide to Volunteering by Hugo Chittenden

getInspiredIt is one thing making the move to volunteer, but another knowing what to do next. Hugo Chittenden’s book is a marvellous resource for anyone who has a volunteering trip planned or those looking for some inspiration. Sharing the remarkable, real-life experience of other volunteers, this book is a lesson in endurance, teamwork and humanity. No wonder it comes recommended by David Cameron and Bear Grylls!


And the next 10 people who volunteer with one of the projects listed on our website will receive a FREE copy of this book! But if you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy, then….

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