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Join the Movement to
support refugees

Indigo Volunteers gets help to where it is needed most.

Since 2014, we have been working tirelessly, placing over 4,500 volunteers across 11 countries, helping provide food and shelter to thousands of displaced people along the European migration route. And while we’re committed to getting vital helpers to projects - all fee-free - we need to cover our own running costs.

Please consider setting up a regular donation, as this will help give us the stability we need to continue.

From the bottom of our hearts,

thank you.


days of volunteering

arranged in 2023

£1.1 mm

in donated hours

(at 7.5 h / d and 10 £ / h in 2023)


partners supported

across 10 countries

 How We   Work 

Explore & Apply

Discover the grassroots organisations we partner with and the available volunteer roles.

Find A Match

Once you apply, our team will match you to the right grassroots organisations.

Prepare to Volunteer

As you go through your journey with us we will provide you with information to learn & take care of yourself.

Our Vision, Mission & Commitment

Search for a project that interests you

Fundraise, Participate or Donate

Our founder, on the Asylum Speakers podcast!

Holly's story

This episode is full of practical advice and insights into the humanitarian sector. Holly also speaks about leaving her job to volunteer in Greece, and how that decision changed her life - from starting Indigo to giving birth to baby Matteo just 8 weeks ago (although she jokingly refers to Indigo as her first baby).

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