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Brand new fundraising apparel range by Indigo – hUmaNITY

hUmaNITY Apparel: On Sale Now! Indigo Volunteers are proud to launch our brand new fundraising apparel range – hUmaNITY. Teaming up with the talented designer Roz to create this ethically produced, organic range, signifying unity through humanity.

With a range of styles and colours, the hUmaNITY range by Indigo Volunteers starts at £25, with all profits going towards helping Indigo to continue in uniting volunteers with humanitarian organisations around the globe.

~ hUmaNITY ~

Humanity, sometimes hard to put your finger on. But it’s that sparkle in the sky when all light is gone. It’s a glimmer of hope, When your journey is long. The kindness of strangers, No matter where you come from. 8 billion people and all of us the same. 2 lungs and one heart pumping blood through our veins. So when the tide turns and all we need is unity, Hold fast, stand strong and remember your humanity!

A poem by Ellsie Hewer



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