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Creating Change in the European Refugee Crisis One Volunteer at a Time

We are very excited to be featured in the Travel With Intention blog! The article beautifully encapsulates the mission of our charity and the difference we make in fostering future compassionate communities by supporting refugees.

Our work started with volunteer connections to nonprofits that needed support - listen to our full story here. We have always focused on doing this through a responsible lens. Simply put, our team creates "a personalized, conscientious link between volunteers and the grassroots organizations they serve."

"Indigo Volunteers’ dynamic approach and comprehensive support have proved invaluable for smaller charities that often lack the resources to recruit volunteers. They take care of the recruitment process, allowing these grassroots organizations to focus on what they do best: providing vital aid and support to displaced populations."

Nonetheless, our impact goes beyond volunteer recruitment.

Indigo Volunteers "has fine-tuned its strategy by identifying the most effective ways to utilize resources, foster volunteer connections, and create a positive volunteer environment. Their commitment to continuous learning and improvement has led to an ever-growing network of experienced partners ready to share knowledge, resources, and collaborate on different projects."

If you would like to support our mission and keep Indigo alive, please donate to our Emergency Fundraiser.



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